Adjustable Height Table Shield for Nail Salon and Retailers ~3/16" thickness ~version 2.0

Size: Regular 23"W x 25"H 3/16" Thickness
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[how to clean acrylic sneeze shield and FAQs]

What's new about this 2.0 version?

Application: nail salons, restaurants, grocery stores, retailers, medical offices, check out counters, law offices, tax offices, and more...

Thickness: 3/16 inch ~ 5mm.

2 Size Options: Regular: 23"W x 23"H (adjustable to 25"H), X Large: 30"W x 23"H (adjustable to 25"H)

Pass through dimension: 19" width and 6" and 8" adjustable height

Stand Dimension: 8" width and 6" height

Process: Laser cut for smoothest edges and corners

Color & Clarity: Transparent, clear, zero to minimal reflection

Installation: No tools needed.  Less than 1 minute to assemble.

Product Origin: Sourced and Made in North Carolina, USA.

Custom Size: Please text/call (704) 724-8904 or email:



Our Acrylic Sneeze Guard/Shield is made in the USA with the latest laser cutting technology to provide super smooth corners and edges, and could be used for any retailers, including nail salons, medical offices, banks, restaurants, and more... 


The dimension of width are 23" (regular size), 26" (large size), and 30" (X large size) with 23" in height, and adjustable to 25".  

Thickness: 3/16" or 1/4" of an inch thick (~6mm)

Pass through dimension is 19 inches wide and 6 inches in height (adjustable to 8 inches).

The material we use is premium grade super clear acrylic -- minimal reflection, very durable, light-weight, and easy to clean.  

Installation takes less than a minute with no tools needed.  Simply insert the shield to the slit of the stands on both side and done!  Do the opposite and you could take the shield apart, and store it.  



Video from Gloss displaying our 'INVISIBLE' Sneeze Shield


Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What's the difference between LuxSpa's Sneeze Guard and other sneeze guards in the market?
    • Thicker and stronger.  Most sneeze guards are 3/16", which is thinner and easier to break.
    • Pass through slot is adjustable from 6 inches to 8 inches
    • Our acrylic has minimal reflective property.
    • Super smooth edges and corners, especially at the slot.
    • Height is adjustable to your comfort level
    • Our product is made in North Carolina, USA, sourced locally
  • What is the return policy?
      • We don't accept return or exchange at this time.
  • What to do when an item is broken during shipment?
      • We use durable acrylic, but could be damaged by heavy drop during shipping.  We will ask you to take pictures of the broken products and we will send replacement promptly.
  • How do I clean my sneeze shield?
      • Blow dust using air dust sprayer and use a damped microfiber towel to dab the area.
      • Only use few drops of dishwashing soap in a spray bottle filled with water.
      • Use acrylic cleaning solution to wipe clean.
      • Do not use acetone
      • Do not use alcohol, wipes, acetone, Windex or solutions with amonia 
      • Read more here
  • How can I clean off the polish if it's on the sneeze shield?
      • Use non-acetone polish remover solution to clean. Do not use alcohol or Windex

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